The Clapper  (post-production) Dito Montiel
How Horrible We Are  (pre-production) Glem Simister
A Season of Giants  Turner Pictures Jerry London
Barely Love: A Bear Mauling Love Story Musical  (announced) Will Hess
Killer Pink  Palomar Pictures Patrick Cadell
Divine Presence  Believe Media Erick Ifergan
King Saud  (filming) Mark Toma
Broken  CalTex Films Brandon Cano-Errecart
Last Curtain Call  CAM Productions Jennifer Tadlock
The Advocate  Temple Pilgrim Films Tamas Harangi
Citizens United  People's Network The Pen
Dead Bird Don't Fly  WarPony Entertainment Charlie Sporns
Ron and Laura Take Back America  Vox Box Entertainment Mel England, Janice Markham
Odd Brodsky  Free Dream Pictures Cindy Baer
Spanners  Jon Mass Productions Jonathan Mass
C'mon Man  James Young Entertainment Kenny Young
Fred and Vinnie  Horizon Movies Steve Skrovan
The Last War Crime  People's Network The Pen
Budz House  Phase 4 Films Cameron Casey
An American Carol  Vivendi Entertainment David Zucker
Irene In Time  International Rainbow Pictures Henry Jaglom
Heatwave  (post production) Rex Piano
Steam  Fencesitter Films Kyle Schickner
The Substance Of Things Hoped For  Film Punk Films Greg Morgan
Sister's Keeper  Offset Filmworks Kent Faulcon
Futbaal: The Price of Dreams  Traveling Show Films Erik Laibe
Puff, Puff, Pass  Sony Pictures Mekhi Phifer
Jane Doe  Hallmark Armand Mastroianni
Timeshare  FOX Sharon Von Wietersheim
The Thirteenth Year  Disney Dwayne Dunham
Java Heads  Jon Scheide
T.V  Nick Conedera
The Glimmer Man  Warner Bros. John Gray
The Addams Family  Paramount Barry Sonnenfeld
Nails  Viacom John Flynn


Untitled Dan Fogelman   John Requa,Glenn Ficarra
All Rise  Mary Lou Belli
Eyes  Jon Amiel
Venice Heat  Scott Amiel
Friday Night At Stony's  Series Regular Don Jones
Legends  Series Regular Jay Mullen

Television (select Guest Star)

Making History  Fox Eric Appel
This is Us  NBC Glenn Ficarra/John Requa
American Horror Story  F/X Brad Bueker, Michael Uppendahl
Shameless  Showtime Iain B. MacDonald
Short Circuitz  MTV Nick Cannon
Hand of God  Amazon Ernest R. Dickerson
Pretty Little Liars  ABC Family Zeta Fuentes
The Worst Symphony   Disney Dean Fleischer-Camp
Big Time Rush  Nickleodeon Joe Menendez
Monk  USA Randy Zisk
'Til Death  Fox Josh Goldsmith
The Suite Life with Zack and Cody  Disney Rich Correll
The Agency - Recurring  CBS Mikael Salomon
The West Wing  NBC Jeremy Kagan
Enterprise  UPN Roxann Dawson
Jag  CBS Greg Beeman
ER  NBC Paul Mccrane
Eyes  ABC Jon Amiel
10 - 8  NBC Martin Campbell
Presidio Med  CBS Dianne Houston
The Pretender  NBC Steve Mitchell
NYPD Blue  ABC John Tracy
The Nanny  Tristar Television Dorothy Lyman
The Journey of Allen Strange  Nickelodeon Paul Hoen
Diagnosis: Murder  Viacom Bruce Seth Green
Sabrina The Teenage Witch  Viacom Peter Baldwin
The Parent 'hood  Warner Bros. TV Gerren Keith
Dark Justice  Magnum Television Bill Malone
Empty Nest  Witt Thomas Harris Steve Zuckerman
Burke's Law  Allan J. Levi
Dark Justice  Magnum Productions Bill Malone
Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher  Gerren Keith
The Golden Girls  Witt Thomas Harris Peter Beyt

Theatre (select List)

Joined At The Head  Pasadena Playhouse CA (west Coast Premiere)
Medusa In The Suburbs  Elt/Lincoln Center NY (world Premiere)
Grandma Sylvia's Funeral  Hudson Theatre CA (world Premiere)
B-sides  Cast Theatre CA (world Premiere)
Baby With The Bathwater  Actors Lab Arizona Az
A Midsummer Nights Dream  Showcase Playhouse Nh
Cabaret  Monticello Tentarena NY
Lovers and Lullabies  Celebration Theatre

Stand Up

E! Entertainment  The Ice House The Comedy Store
The Laugh Factory  Igby's Luna Park
Stand Up NY  The Comic Strip (ny) The Duplex (ny)
Don't Tell Mama (ny)  Manhattan Punch Line

Improv/Sketch Comedy

No Prior Convictions  Fabulous Deborah Spector Players Sink Or Swim
Gross National Product (ny)  Shock Of The Funny (ny)

Spoken Word/Story Telling

Tasty Words  Every Picture Tells a Story

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